MI  EXAM  PREP     (Always  Michigan's  Best)
A word about Journey / Master exams from Uncle Chuck:

Common electrician license complaints are:
questions are confusing  and  tricky.

Our job is to simplify and make easier: difficult exam style questions and confusing calculations.

NO mumbo jumbo and NO instructor blah-blah-blah.

Chuck provides a mature explanation of: electrical theory, circuit fundamentals, typical exam style questions and Exam Success Basics.

Chuck is highly recommended, to successfully guide apprentice, journey, master and contractors through the maze of confusing questions.

Later this year, Chuck's
On-Line Exam Prep Class is expected be available for student enrolment.

In the meantime, for a  LIMITED TIME,  Chuck (at no cost)  will try to answer SPECIFIC  (apprentice / journey / master / contractor)  exam type - questions.

Free confidential question help (while available), for E-MAILED questions.

Chuck's E-MAIL address     ►    NECDOCTOR@PROTONMAIL.COM

PLEASE  -  only  E-MAILED  questions.

Details about the On-Line Exam Prep Class later.

* Two month class access.
* Certificate of class Completion.
* Course Approved for re-testing   (Approval ID: # 2014-024).