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Common student complaints about exams are: questions can be confusing  and  tricky.

Our job is to simplify and make easier: difficult exam style questions (tricky) and confusing calculations.

NO mumbo jumbo.  We show our students how to calmly and confidently, calculate or select correct electrical exam answers.

Take control of unfair got-cha exams.

The solution to 'gotcha' (booby trap) type questions is: exam knowledge, preparation and someone to help you pass.

Chuck (his students call him 'Uncle Chuck') provides a mature and simple exam understanding of: electrical theory, circuit fundamentals, exam style question preparation and fundamentals of exam success.

Do you want exam help ?

Chuck's help (presented step by step) puts exam success within reach of apprentice, journey, master and contractors.

A few details about our on-line Exam Prep Class:

* Two month class access.
* Certificate of class Completion.
* Approved for re-testing   (ID: # 2014-024).

RIGHT NOW for a limited time (AT NO COST) Chuck will help you answer any e-mailed electrical exam type question.

Uncle Chuck will help you, correctly answer typical exam style questions, free by e-mail, without any obligation.

CONFIDENTIAL and private.

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