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     Michigan Online Electrical Code Update Online  Update:  ID # 15-026-14

Best Michigan NEC Electrical Code Update 2014 2016
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Frequently  Asked  Questions   (FAQs)

  • When is a Update Certificate required ?
    It varies by State. Michigan requires a 2014 Code Update to obtain a 2017 Michigan Electrical License.

  • Is this Online Code Update State approved?

  • YES

    Michigan Approval # 15-026-14

  • Can someone without good computer skills take the class?
    Chuck Cossin Electrical Code Update

  • What do I need ?

  • Access to a computer, (tablet or notebook connected to the internet).

  • Do I have to follow a schedule ?

  • NO.

    The State requires 15 hrs of Code Update study.   Login whenever and from wherever YOU want.

  • Can I take the class from a computer at work AND a computer at home ?

  • Yes.

    You may take the class from home and work and wherever else you want.

    Whenever and wherever.

  • When are the classes available?

  • Classes are available 24/7.

  • Can I get help, if I need it ?

  • Yes.

    Chuck and staff are available by e-mail to assist students.

  • Best Electrical Code Update Help Desk
    CLASS HELP DESK (e-mail support)
    Our Dedicated and Trained Specialists Provide Student Service.

  • Do I have to buy a Code book ?

  • NO   NO   NO !   Save your money. 

  • How much is the 2014 Update ?

  • $129

  • Why select this class ?

  • We are the oldest and the BEST company,  serving America's ELECTRICIANS

    CERTIFICATES are sent direct to the STUDENT.

  • Other questions ?

  • E-Mail: NECDoctor@gmail.com

  • To register.

    Best Michigan NEC Electrical Code Update 2011

    Rated,  * BEST *

    15 Hrs CEU  $129

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